Natalbany Creek Campground

Natalbany Creek Campground: The Beautiful Lakeside RV Park in Louisiana You Must Visit

Natalbany Creek Campground: The Beautiful Lakeside RV Park in Louisiana You Must Visit

Natalbany Creek Campground

Louisiana–the Bayou State–has plenty to offer its visitors.

The area grows more culturally diverse by the day, with Cajun, Creole, and Southern US lifestyles, accents, cuisines, and heritages seen at all corners. This well-rounded flavor bolsters the state as a tourist destination. The same can be said for the scenic beauty highlighted by French colonial architecture, swamps, quaint villages, and historic plantations throughout Louisiana.

Now, you could spend your time at an overpriced hotel and experience all that the Bayou State has to offer. But why do that when you can enjoy some camping with your family at Natalabany Creek, a gorgeous lakeside RV park in Louisiana?

Vacationing at Natalbany RV park in Louisiana empowers you to enjoy the prime destination state from a whole new perspective. Namely, you can still tick all the “tourist attraction” boxes while enjoying a more authentic experience deep in the wilderness.

Take Advantage of Campground and Cabin Rentals in Natalbany RV Park in Louisiana

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The possibilities are seemingly endless in the Pelican State as a holiday destination. 

Music here is unequaled. There’s also the Southern hospitality that leaves everyone who comes here feeling like a family member. And who can forget the Mardi Gras parade? 

As if that’s all not enough to celebrate, the food will make a believer out of you. From po’boys for lunch and crawfish boils for dinner to beignets for dessert, you won’t have a problem immersing yourself in the local cuisine. 

Do you really think you can enjoy all those facets of Louisiana by dropping half your savings at a luxury hotel? Or that a bed-and-breakfast will truly capture the Bayou experience? 

Those places don’t really represent what Louisiana is all about. And they don’t necessarily offer the sense of community and freedom synonymous with the state. 

Remember, at its heart, Louisiana is known for its wilderness as much as city life and colorful parades. 

And where can you enjoy that awe-inspiring, eyecatching wilderness? By renting a campground or cabin at Natalbany Creek RV Park in Louisiana. Staying at Natalbany allows you to relish the state’s natural beauty instead of just limiting you to the sights of the city. 

As the #1 RV Park in Louisiana, Natalbany stands out as a tourist destination because of its picturesque setting and layout and top-notch customer service. There is also a long list of activities from Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and the kids to enjoy. 

So, why not book a cabin or campground rental with us for your next vacation, making it a moment in time you’ll always cherish and never forget?

It’s Easy to See Why Natalbany is the Best RV Park in Louisiana

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Each grass site at Natalbany RV Park in Louisiana has premium hookups, consisting of 20/30/50 amp setups, water, sewer, cement pads, etc. Meaning, right away, you’ll have the amenities you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Natalbany RV Park in Louisiana also has laundry rooms, full-size restrooms, and shower facilities. 


So, while you’re immersed in the outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer, you’ll still have the necessary luxuries that make for a top-notch vacation.


Then there’s the flexibility at Natalbany RV Park in Louisiana. All days you spend here can look entirely different than the previous or next. Or they can be exact replicas, depending on what your ideal vacation looks like.


Whether you want to go fishing, take a long dip in the heated outdoor pool, or enjoy some cold beverages in the hot sun, the world is your oyster.


Better yet, there are activities for guests of all ages. 


While children can lose themselves on the basketball or volleyball court, mini-golfing, catch-and-release fishing, or splashing around in the water, adults can lap it up in our casino. And–in saving the best activities for last–there’s our Kid’s Playground and Great X-Scape Family Arcade, where the laughter and good times may never end.


There’s one last difference-making factor that turns visiting families into regulars at our RV park in Louisiana. It’s the eye-opening natural beauty at Natalbany Creek. Once you come and see for yourself, you’ll fall in love with the visual appeal, unable to put away your phone camera as you seek out the perfect photo-op. 


Our RV Park in Louisiana Offers Access to All the State Has to Offer

We love our RV park more than anything. In fact, we believe you could have the best vacation of your life without leaving our vicinity. However, most people don’t come to Louisiana to stay in one place. There’s far too much to explore, from the Creole/Cajun cultures to the music, cuisine, and architecture. 

Fortunately, Natalbany RV Park in Louisiana is perfectly situated for exploring the state. First, New Orleans is only a little over an hour away via car. You can visit the city for a day or two, but you won’t have your entire vacation drowned out by the noise. 

By the time you might get sick of New Orleans’s hustle and bustle, you’ll be back at Natalbany enjoying the quiet. But only after tapping your feet to the famous sounds of the second line all day in the city.

Furthermore, anyone with a deeper knowledge of what Louisiana has to offer will tell you not to miss Baton Rouge–a 45-minute car ride east of Natalbany. Our RV Park in Louisiana is also only an hour and a half drive northwest toward the Gulf Coast. 

Doesn’t that sound like the ideal vacation? You get to stay at a desirable spot where you aren’t in a no-holds-barred fight for reservations. And you don’t need to empty your entire year’s worth of savings just for a place to lay your head.

Additionally, the surrounding community by the campground is its own tourist attraction. There’s plenty of small-town charm to put a smile on your face. In fact, you may never want to leave.

The truth is, at Natalbany, we see ourselves as synonymous with Louisiana as jazz music or the Creole tribes. To that point, our community spirit within the park will make you feel like you’re a Louisianan resident. After all, your fellow guests will be friendly and more than happy to share laughter and good times.

What Options Do Our Guests Have at Our RV Park in Louisiana?

Flexibility for our guests is the name of the game at Natalbany Creek. Therefore, we don’t offer just one type of vacation experience. We–instead–make the following options available to our paying customers:


Option #1: Rent a Site

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Do you already own an RV and just need a spot to camp? Then our wide grass sites, cement pads, and hookups for sewer, water, and 20/30/50 amps should speak to you.


You also have the choice of an off-lake location. Or, you can take things lakeside or to our pull-through lots.


Option #2: Rent a Cabin

Accommodation Options

Natalbany’s cabin rentals are the best of their kind in Louisiana, highlighted by what we call our low-price luxury approach to vacationing.


So, while you’re “roughing it,” you’ll relax the same as you would at a luxury spa, just because of the laid-back environment. Plus, you can stay an entire month or just a weekend, offering optimal flexibility and the vacation you want, specifically. 


Our two-bedroom, two-bathroom cabins are entirely furnished with free Wi-Fi, electrical, water, and sewer. And we’d be remiss to not mention the DirectTV satellite on the flat-screen TVs involved in the package.


We pride ourselves on accommodating guests of differing needs, which is why we have a handicap-accessible cabin.


Our guests also have access to our pool, arcade, fishing, and other Natalbany amenities when taking out a cabin rental in our RV Park in Louisiana. You’ll just need to bring your own linens.

Option #3: Rent a Fully-Furnished Mobile Home

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Our RV park in Louisiana is open to all-comers, not just RV owners or those looking to rent a cabin. 


The RV experience at Natalbany is open to non-RV-owners looking to revel in this affordable yet luxurious vacation. We provide this option through our furnished mobile home rentals; you can choose from 1 or 2-bedroom mobile park units equipped with:


  • Bedrooms (all with queen-sized beds)
  • Oven/stove
  • Microwave (kitchenette)


Not everyone has the funds lying around to afford an RV. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the chance to experience all that RVing has to offer. 

What Options Do Our Guests Have at Our RV Park in Louisiana?


While we’ve focused this page on tourists coming out of state, the Natalbany experience isn’t limited to that one type of vacationer. You can be a lifelong Louisiana native and feel like you’ve entered another universe by visiting our RV park. 


The sense of community, natural beauty, and our staff’s guest-forward attitude will make you never want to leave, whether you’re a Louisana lifer or from anywhere else in the world. Contact us to book your Natalbandy Getaway today

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