Natalbany Creek Campground

The Magic of Natalbany Creek

The Magic of Natalbany Creek

Picture camping under the star-lit skies, close to nature’s lap. All while being comfortably settled in a first-class RV park. This experience is brought to life at Louisiana’s premier camping destination- The Natalbany Creek CampgroundThis enchanting campground and RV park outshines conventional camping experiences that you may usually come across at other camping locations.


But what hits home is not just these physical comforts but also the joyous moments that come along when ‘roughing it’ out in this amazing slice of nature. Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s dive deeper into what makes this place so unique. We’ll explore how camping in Louisiana can quickly become the perfect family getaway.

The Setting

 What gives Louisiana its magical edge is its unique topography. An amalgamation of an 8.5 acre stocked lake for catch and release fishing and a smooth flowing creek. You could sit under the gazebo overlooking the beautiful, serene lake.
While enjoying your campfire, you may catch a glimpse of twinkling fireflies after dusk or enjoy your breakfast watching chirpy squirrels scampering around! With every moment spent here, you’ll find yourself wrapped in a magical aura.

Amenities and Facilities

Amenities and Facilities

Club members, caravans, or camp enthusiasts who seek that mix of adventure and convenience can witness how well-appointed the place is! Natalbany Creek pays great care to make your stay comfortable by offering excellent amenities such as RV parks adorned with wide grass sites and cement pads.

The best-in-class power supply setups catering to 20/30/50 amps requirements and premium hookups revolving around sewerage and water ensure you’re fully-equipped. Not to forget the strategically placed full-size restrooms, including laundry rooms, to cater to those spur-of-the-moment picnics or muddy adventures you might indulge in. Shower facilities are also spread out, so a quick warm bath isn’t miles away during those chilly winter nights spent camping in Louisiana.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

At Natalbany Creek, you will find accommodation that provides a harmonious balance of rustic charm, luxury, and accessibility. The cabins act as a haven for those craving modern comforts coupled with countryside allure during their Louisiana camping expedition. They are not only air-conditioned and heated but are also handicap accessible, catering to all needs.

Each cabin comes fully furnished with all necessary amenities like electricity, water supply, and sewerage facilities. These camping cottages have two bedrooms providing ample space for families or larger groups.  Moreover, the majority boast two full bathrooms, which certainly won’t lead to early morning queues.


A Day at Natalbany Creek Campground

 Here, every part of your day is thoughtfully planned to have an interesting blend of activities.


Start your day swimming in the chilled water of the swimming pool, enjoy the sprinklers, raining umbrella and water buckets at the new splash pad. Cast a fishing line into the 8.5 acre stocked lake for catch and release fishing . The thrill of feeling that tug on the line, followed by the anticipation mixed with excitement as you reel it in – well, let’s just say it’s priceless!


Enjoy bicycling around nature’s symphony. Drive down those adrenaline levels with rounds of mini golf that will test your putting skills like never before. Score a basket or two on the basketball court. Score some ringers with horseshoes.


Activities for Children and Teenagers

Natalbany Creek Lake

Natalbany Creek Campground is the perfect destination for a memorable family vacation, brimming with fun-filled activities suitable for all ages. Our campsite boasts a state-of-the-art mini-golf course that offers both fun and friendly competition. For those seeking indoor entertainment, our Family Arcade is packed with numerous engaging games, providing fun for kids and adults alike. Our inviting, cool water pool provides an oasis for relaxation and play under the Louisiana sun, while the vibrant splash pad guarantees hours of exhilarating fun for the younger ones. At Natalbany Creek, we seamlessly combine adventure, relaxation, and shared experiences, creating the ultimate family getaway.

Night Activities

Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean the fun has to. Nightfall at Natalbany is an experience of its own. After a long day packed with exciting activities and hearty laughter, it’s time to unwind beneath the Louisiana night sky twinkling with hundreds of stars.


First things first, what’s camping in Louisiana without sitting around a warm fire pit? Unleash your storytelling prowess or share fun anecdotes over some mouthwatering smores and hot chocolate. And when everybody’s had their fill, break into a spontaneous campfire song, making great memories that your family will remember for years to come.


If you’re thinking of dining out, we have you covered too. With restaurants serving finger-licking local delicacies nearby, enjoy a flavor-packed outing that promises culinary delights satisfying every famished camper. And once you’ve had your fill from the delectable food, how about trying your luck at one of those exciting casinos glittering nearby?


Savoring the Local Flavor

When exploring new territories, isn’t it always more fascinating when you add a dash of local flavor to the mix? Camping at Natalbany Creek Campground enables you to do exactly that. Don’t miss out on some of these iconic events and attractions dotting Louisiana’s vibrant landscape located close by your camping site.

For animal enthusiasts wishing for an engaging interaction with wildlife, visit Global Wildlife in Folsum, Baton Rouge Zoo, Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, where kids can learn about their favorite animals and maybe even pet a few.

If you crave delicious cuisine, such as seafood, steaks, fried chicken, po-boys, hamburgers, shrimp fried rice, etc., have dinner at the local restaurants. They will have something for everyone’s taste.


With local attractions like these complementing your rustic escapade while camping in Louisiana’s marvelous retreat, Natalbany Creek Campground assures experiences reaching beyond the ordinary, making each day spent here doubly rewarding!


Fairs and Festivals


Local fairs and festivals:

  • Tangipahoa Parish Fair in Amite City
  • Washington Parish Fee Fair
  • Independence Sicilian Heritage Festival
  • Amite Oyster Festival
  • Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival
  • The Italian Festival
  • Louisiana Renaissance Festival
  • Pirate Festival
  • Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow

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