Natalbany Creek Campground

The Best and Most Beautiful Louisiana Campground You Must Visit. Spots Available!

Visit Natalbany Creek: a highly Rated Campground in Louisiana

It’s been a tough 18 or so months for everyone. We all need a break.

With the world on the mend, it’s time to put serious thought into enjoying some much-deserved R and R. After all, you deserve it. Visit Natalbany Creek, the top campground in Louisiana, if I don’t say so myself!

Looking for the best places to camp in Louisiana or campgrounds with cabins in Louisiana? You could spend that time in one of the nation’s many tourist traps. But you’ll find out quickly that those experiences aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Instead, why not go off the beaten path for tent camping and nature trails and travel somewhere a bit more quiet, beautiful, and unique?

If we’ve learned anything over the past year and a half, it’s that you only live once, and you should experience something new. And that’s what you’ll get by vacationing or camping at the best campground in Louisiana!

As much as we’re talking to out-of-staters, this invitation extends to Louisiana residents who want to enjoy their home state on a new level. But you don’t want to spend your vacation in the Bayou state just anywhere. To enjoy all it has to offer, you want to spend your time at our beautiful Louisiana campgrounds.

The Best and Most Beautiful Louisiana Campground You Must Visit. Spots Available! 1

Stay at one of the Best RV Parks with Cabin Rentals in Louisiana

Yes–Louisiana makes for a one-of-a-kind vacation spot.

From Mardi Gras, the incredible music, and crawfish boils to the unrivaled Southern hospitality, a getaway in the Pelican State will create memories for a lifetime. In fact, the first time you try a beignet, you’ll know you’ve entered paradise.

Still, you might ask yourself, “how can I get the most out of the Louisiana experience?”

Like any other tourist destination, you’re bound to find your Inns, bed and breakfasts, and luxury hotels. But then you’d have to ask yourself, would you be getting the authentic Louisiana vacation?

Remember, the Bayou state is best known for its eye-catching wilderness.

Of course, you don’t want to choose just any campground or RV park in Louisiana. You want the best campground in Louisiana and that’s us!

You want to spend your time in a beautiful spot with exceptional customer service and activities for the entire family to enjoy. You might even want to book your stay at a place that offers the most beautiful cabin rentals this side of Louisiana.

In other words, you want to spend your well-earned vacation at Natalbany Creek, the best rated campground in Louisiana.

What Makes Natalbany Creek the Top Rated Campground in Louisiana?

It's like family coming home!

Natalbany’s premium hookups (e.g., water, sewer, 20/30/50 amps setups) at each grass site set the immediate tone for making it one of the top campgrounds in Louisiana. Each of these sites also boasts cement pads.

Beyond that, Natalbany couldn’t call itself one of the best RV parks in Louisiana you must visit without its full-size restrooms, shower facilities, and laundry rooms. Looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana?

Contact Natalbany Creek Today!

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Through these various activities and accommodations, you’ll get to “rough it” in the Creole State while still feeling comfortable and secure.

Freedom wins the day at one of the best campgrounds in Louisiana.

At Natalbany, you can relax in the sun all day and enjoy some beverages. Or you can swim in the seasonally heated outdoor pool, go fishing, along with a long list of other fun activities for the whole family.

Come night time, adults can have some fun at the casino.

Children and teens will lap up the hours spent in the water, mini-golfing, catch-and-release fishing, shooting the basketball, and playing volleyball. And let’s not forget the Great X-Scape Family Arcade.

While all these factors contribute to Natalbany being one of the best campgrounds in Louisiana, there’s one factor that sets it apart even further:

Specifically, the natural beauty of Natalbany Creek makes it a very desirable RV Park in Louisiana. Looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana? Call Natalbany Creek Today!

What Makes Natalbany a very Beautiful Campground in Louisiana?

To us, the eye-catching beauty of Natalbany – one of the top-rated campgrounds in Louisiana – comes down to two colors: blue and green.

Here’s what we mean:

Blue Skies and Pristine Waters

The bright blue skies at this campground in Louisiana make every day beautiful. And let’s not forget how you can lose yourself in sunrises at sun and sunsets at dusk.

In the blue waters of our swimming pool, you and the kids can cool down during those hot days.

We’d be remiss to not mention our lake that’s fully stocked for catch-and-release fishing. This further adds to the natural beauty that makes Natalbany a great campground in Louisiana.

Picture yourself sitting by the lake without a care in the world, looking into a starry night sky. It’s the definition of bliss.

A One-of-a-Kind Vacation

These are the magic moments you dream of when vacationing. You can’t always get that when you’re at a jam-packed theme park or an all-inclusive cruise. Sometimes, you need some peace, quiet, and astonishing natural beauty to truly enjoy your rest and relaxation.

The Healing Powers of Nature

Times have been hard for many Americans. It’s a time for healing for everyone–and nothing heals quite like nature. It’s actually scientifically proven to be good for your mental health!

You can nourish your spirit by being nestled in the quaintness of our park.

So, if you want to connect with nature at a campground in Louisiana, think Natalbany.

Kick Back and Relax at one of the Best RV Parks in Louisiana

The Best and Most Beautiful Louisiana Campground You Must Visit. Spots Available! 2

When you’re the best campground in Louisiana, you tend to attract many different types of customers. 

Of course, out-of-towners who want to experience Louisiana but avoid being constantly swarmed by city hustle, bustle, and noise love the peace and serenity we offer. 

And out-of-towners appreciate the flexibility when they spend their getaway at one of the top rated campgrounds in Louisiana. Relaxation opportunities are plentiful, but you’re not so hidden away that you can’t explore and experience all that Louisiana has to offer.

On the other hand, plenty of long-time Louisiana residents enjoy the solitude, fresh air, and beautiful natural surroundings. 

Our Wi-Fi even means you can keep up with your work while enjoying a great RV Park in Louisiana. Looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana? Call Natalbany Creek Today!

Our RV Park in Louisiana is Located So You Can Explore and Experience All of New Orleans.

For our guests looking to experience all of Louisiana, whether the music, cuisine, Creole/Cajun cultures, you have that option. 

We’re only an hour-plus drive from New Orleans. But you won’t be tethered down to the hustle, bustle, and noise, meaning you can enjoy the best of both worlds:

You won’t miss out on the vibing atmosphere in the city or tapping your foot to the second line while eating some delicious beignets and seafood. 

Then you can get away from the craziness and unwind at the best campground in Louisiana.

Plus, the exploring doesn’t need to end in New Orleans. We’re 45 minutes east of Baton Rouge and a 1.5 hours northwest drive to the Gulf Coast. 

That’s part of what makes Natalbany one of the top-ranked RV Parks in Louisiana. You have the freedom to go see these attractions without fighting for hotel reservations or dealing with the over-inflated prices.

Even nearby the campground, there is plenty of small-town charm to lap up and inspire your imagination.

But here’s the thing: Natalbany is just as much part of the Creole State as gumbo or crawfish cookouts. Specifically, when you breathe the fresh air of one of the best RV parks in Louisiana, you’re taking in the essence of Louisiana.

That means friendly neighbors, lots of laughs, and a warm environment where you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. Looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana? Call Natalbany Creek Today!

Being one of the Best RV Parks in Louisiana Means we Put Our Guests First.

What else makes Natalbany the best campground in Louisiana?

Sure. We’ll hang our hat on natural beauty, amenities, and fun activities. But it’s our conscientious customer service that truly separates us from the pack. Any campground in Louisiana knows that Southern hospitality should be at the forefront of customer service.

In our mind, all the accommodations, bells, and whistles in the world mean very little without a helpful staff looking to make your stay a memorable one. Even cloud 9 itself wouldn’t be all the fun if it had service with a sneer.

Natalbany prides itself on being there 100% for our guests, even more than being a highly ranked RV Parks in Louisiana. 

The staff at Natalbany is mindful that we couldn’t be so highly revered as a destination without our guests. So, we’ve made an effort to combine the natural beauty of our campground in Louisiana with a beautiful customer experience. 

Our promise to all our guests is that we’re friendly, helpful, and eager to do whatever is in our power to make your stay a memorable one. All with a smile on our faces. Looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana? Call Natalbany Creek Today!

The Best and Most Beautiful Louisiana Campground You Must Visit. Spots Available! 3

Different Options for Our Guests Makes us one of the Top Campgrounds in Louisiana.

We couldn’t accurately call ourselves the top campground in Louisiana if we only offered one type of stay for our guests.

Instead, we believe variety is the spice of life, which is why we offer an array of different lodging options for our guests. Here’s what you can expect:

One of The #1 RV Parks in Louisiana

Recreational vehicle owners benefit from the following accommodations:

  • Wide grass sites
  • Cement pads
  • Hookups for sewer, water, and 20/30/50 amps

Furthermore, when you bring your own vehicle to one of the best RV Parks in Louisiana, you have the choice of off-lake, lakeside, or pull-through sites. This campground in Louisiana has a variety of options your family will love.

Premium Cabin Rentals in Louisiana

With cabin rentals in Louisiana, it doesn’t get better than Natalbany. We offer the perfect combination of rustic and affordability.

You can “rough it” in the most laid-back, relaxing way with our cabin rentals in Louisiana. Whether you want to stay for a weekend or a month, it’s up to you.

Our cabin rentals in Louisiana are fully furnished, with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. They have electrical, water, sewer, and free Wi-Fi as well.

Furthermore, our cabin rentals in Louisiana boast flat-screen TVs with DirectTV.

We’ll then mention our handicap accessible cabin that allows ALL guests to feel welcome and comfortable.

Lastly, choosing Natalbany’s cabin rentals in Louisiana offers you access to our pool, arcade, fishing, and all our other amenities.

(Note: We don’t provide towels, linens and cooking utensils)

Looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana? Call Natalbany Creek Today!

Furnished Mobile Homes For Rental

As one of the best campgrounds in Louisiana, we believe the RV experience should be available to non-RV owners. Otherwise, how else can you learn to fall in love with this adventurous, flexible style of vacationing?

So, we offer rentals of furnished mobile homes.

It’s possible to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom mobile park unit in one of the top campgrounds in Louisiana. Each rental comes equipped with the following:

  • Oven/stove
  • Microwave (kitchenette)
  • Bedrooms with full/queen-sized beds

There’s no need to purchase an RV if you want to spend time at one of the #1 campgrounds in Louisiana. Reserve one of our mobile home rentals, and you’ll fall in love with Natalbany like any RV owner or rustic cabin dweller.

Accommodation Options

Activities for the Whole Family at one of the Best RV Parks in Louisiana

A successful family vacation requires plenty of fun for everyone. Both adults and children need lots to do to get the most out of the experience.

As the top campground in Louisiana, Natalbany takes pride in offering a memorable, unforgettable time for the whole family.

Here’s a list of activities for the entire family at one of the best RV parks in Louisiana:

Mini Golf

Spend some time on our mini-golf course lost in the fun and enjoyment of it all.

You and the kids can take in the fresh air while aiming for a hole-in-one, making for a memorable hour or two.

Great X-Scape Family Arcade

We take pride in our game room, which plays a massive part in making us one of a highly valued campground in Louisiana.

The arcade and other standard games will keep everyone engaged and entertained, igniting you and your family’s sense of play.

Catch and Release Fishing

Our lake is stocked with fish for catch-and-release fishing. As such, children and adults alike will have a blast trying to lure in the catch of the day. 

Basketball and Volleyball

Being one of desired RV parks in Louisiana means giving all types of people something to do.

You can divide into teams and add some competition to the festivities. Or you can just shoot the basketball around or rally with the volleyball at your leisure with the kids. Either way, it’s one more activity that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and exercise. 

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Natalbany’s outdoor chilled swimming pool is a place to cool off during a hot summer day. Here, your kids can splash around and socialize with other children in one of the best campgrounds in Louisiana.

We’re only scratching the surface with what you can do at Natalbany. There’s a long list of holiday activities and special events that our young and old guests can enjoy equally. When looking for a top rated campground in Louisiana, call Natalbany Creek Today!

Amenities and Facilities

The Natalbany Campground in Louisiana Offers A Strong Sense of Community

It’d be impossible to call ourselves the #1 campground in Louisiana if our park was only events, activities, and accommodations. Yes, there is more at this campground in Louisiana!

Undoubtedly, the natural beauty, peace, and serenity resulting from our tucked-away location make the experience special. But it runs much deeper than that.

One of Natalbany’s primary selling points is the friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

Sure, we have our regulars who’ve made the park a 2nd home. And they’d be more than happy to give you a lay of the land, offering you the Southern Louisiana hospitality we’re known for.

But it’s not only the regulars that make Natalbany a go-to RV park in Louisiana. Because the moment our guests arrive the first time, they feel relaxed and refreshed.

It might have to do with the fresh air. Perhaps, it’s being nestled away in a picturesque outdoor setting that feeds the spirit at this campground in Louisiana.

Either way, everyone seems to become a member of the Natalbany community as soon as they enter the best campground in Louisiana.

Amenities and Facilities
Experience All That Louisiana Has to Offer

Those who come to us for an RV park or Cabin rentals in Louisiana should explore what else the Pelican state offers.

The Bayou-state is a life-changing place for many because of its landmarks and culture. And part of what makes Natalbany one of the top campgrounds in Louisiana is how close it is to so many attractions.

Here are just a few suggestions of what you can check out while you’re here:

Visiting New Orleans for the Day

They call New Orleans the Big Easy for a reason–its laid-back vibes can’t be equaled anywhere else.

New Orleans is known for blending Cajun/Creole cuisines with Louisiana culture and breathtaking architecture.

You’ll find grand mansions, voodoo culture, a festive atmosphere, and towering tombstones across Louisiana’s biggest city.

The food is unforgettable, the music clubs are world-renowned, and culture junkies will fall in love with the Big Easy’s diverse museums.

Take a ride in a famous streetcar, wander the cemeteries in the Garden District, or visit one of the many literary sights–the choice is up to you. No matter what you do, a trip to New Orleans is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Cruise the Mississippi River

Louisiana and the Mississippi River are like peanut butter and jam–they belong together. The Bayou state’s history runs alongside the existence of the famous river.

You can experience the Mississippi River in a variety of ways, starting with the Great River Road. Here, you’ll find out the crucial role played by the river in Louisiana’s history.

Consider taking the Steamboat Natchez or the paddlewheeler Creole Queen to cruise down the Mississippi. On either boat, brunch, dinner, jazz, and fireworks cruises are all offered.

The State Capitol

In downtown Baton Rouge is Louisiana’s state capitol building, the tallest in America.

Built back in 1932, the capitol building boasts 34 stories and an observation deck on the 27th floor.

Visit the Capitol Park Visitor Center to set up a guided tour. While exploring, you’ll see the Old State Capitol, an eye-catching structure built in the Gothic-Revival style, similar to a castle.

Kayak in the Swamplands

There’s a reason we call Louisiana the Bayou state. The marshes and swamplands are like nothing you’ve seen.

And if you want the 100% authentic Bayou wildlife experience, a kayaking tour is your answer. Organize a day with any number of operators who run these tours. You’ll be in a small group, where you’ll paddle along small waterways and canals.

During this adventure, you’ll get to take in the scenery and natural beauty of Louisiana– highlighted by trees full of Spanish moss.

Your best bet is organizing with a company like Lost Lands Tours because they’re ecologically friendly. They’ll be a sure-handed guide as you enter deep into Louisiana’s swamps.

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Then schedule your getaway with Natalbany today, and spend your getaway surrounded by the natural beauty of one of the best-ranked campgrounds in Louisiana.